LETTER: Krauter a caring husband, father and grandfather

Dear Editor:

Ross and I celebrated our 60th wedding anniversary on May 3. I would like to thank Ross for his 60 years of unrelenting devotion to his family. He exemplifies a wonderful, caring, protective and loving husband, father and grandfather.

Ross set time aside every weekend to spend individual, quality one on one time with each of his children.

Dairy Queen ice cream cones every Saturday morning. Walks in the park for nature study (a hand full of ants: look Dad – friends!)

To paraphrase Elizabeth Barrett Browning “How do I love thee? let me count,” … the many miles driving to various sports venues (in Canada and the U.S.), with a car filled with chattering, excited children (his and others) — (a rear-view mirror filled with excited faces). How many hours sitting on the benches (or officiating ) at sports venues?

Speed swimming, hockey, speed skating, ballet, school sports days, track and field events, piano and violin recitals, choirs, concerts and museums.

There were sunny summer days spent on the water driving the boat, while teaching all and sundry to water ski. Everyone from five years old to 65 years old — with the patience of Job to continue to turn and come back to pick up a “downed” water skier, time after time, after time.

Vacations spent fishing, water skiing and exploring Canada.

There were many miles on downhill skis, snowploughing, bent over at the waist (a sore back position), with a grandbaby held between the knees — teaching them to ski. He could have been off on an adult ski hill enjoying some powder runs and moguls.

Ross held our hands, soothed our wounds, dried our tears and held us up with big gentle hands, strong arms and a warm, compassionate, willing heart.

Loretta Krauter