LETTER: iCasa development supported

It is exactly the sort of development that our community needs in order to survive and thrive

Dear Editor:

I am writing in an attempt to encourage the Council and people of Summerland to support the iCasa Resort Living (Banks Crescent) development now under council consideration.

The voices that have been raised in opposition, but I would like to examine the issue from a wider viewpoint. Summerland is a wonderful place to live. The motives of those who wish to keep the community unchanged are understandable.

The problem is that those voices have been all too successful in the past with numerous instances of proposed developments or expansions being defeated.

The cliché that “if you aren’t growing, you’re dying” is now reality. Summerland is in a state of urban decay. The iCasa Resort Living development will provide much needed services to our senior citizens, add substantially to the community tax base and create up to 100 permanent jobs.

It is exactly the sort of development that our community needs.

Summerland is a community with a wonderful past. I urge all our council members to ensure a great future. The iCasa Resort Living development is an opportunity we should embrace

If you are of a similar mindset, please visit the Citizens Supporting iCasa website www.summerlandcsi.com and add your name to our online petition. It’s time the silent majority spoke up.

Mary Sampson