Fresh BC profile: Beamer Wigley

Local country musician Beamer Wigley reflects back on his first season with Fresh BC Talent Quest

Beamer Wigley during the 2016 B.C. Winter Games in Penticton kicking off the opening ceremonies. File photo

Aside from his height, a lot has changed for Beamer Wigley since the first season of Fresh BC Talent Quest.

His latest music video for Boombox, shot in Penticton, aired on YTV on March 5 and things are continuing on an upward trend for Penticton’s rising star in country music.

“It’s crazy looking at the TV and just being like ‘oh wow that’s me,’” Beamer laughed. “It’s cool watching the video knowing every shot, where it was taken, when it was taken.”

Coming from humble roots, Wigley was the first-ever Fresh BC Talent Quest winner, when he was nine years old.

He came back for season two and has been helping out with the not-for-profit, young performer showcase ever since. Though he’s done some growing up since then.

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“The height difference is quite a bit. I was about yea high when I started and now …” Wigley laughed. “Musically my style has changed a lot too. I think almost everything changed, except for me.”

Wigley has been mostly writing lately, making trips to country music mecca Nashville going back and forth from Penticton every six or so weeks.

“Nashville has been too kind to me, it’s been great” Wigley said. “Just writing songs, recording demos. It’s a lot of fun.”

It was early on for Wigley as a performer when he joined the Fresh BC Talent Quest.

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“I was really still kind of getting used to it, feeling it. I got on stage and the judges were super helpful, they gave very nice critiques. Letting me know what I was doing wrong, doing right,” Wigley said. “They helped out and I took those critiques home and I worked. It really helped me out a lot.”

Helping local Penticton talent is important to Wigley, who returns every year to help out with the showcase, now entering its fifth season.

“Coming out and supporting local things like this, I know if a bigger artist I looked up to came out to support me it would mean a lot seeing them. Not calling myself a bigger artist people look up to,” Wigley laughed. “I hope to get to that point some day.”

Season one gave Wigley a platform to share his music and gave him tips on what he could improve on, something he hopes to provide to other emerging artists in the area.

It isn’t 100 per cent confirmed yet, but Wigley is hoping to help out with mentoring, providing songwriting tips in a workshop format and more during this year’s season.

All acts and skill levels are welcome at Fresh BC Talent Quest, with ongoing registration for performers ages nine to 18. The talent quest consists of three age group categories. Performers registration fees are $35 and include performers workshops on April 8 at the Sandman Hotel. Performers not registing for the talent quest are welcome as well with a workshop fee of $20, and must register by phone (250-460-2221) or email at to confirm a seat.

The preliminary rounds for the talent quest start April 22 and continue each consecutive Saturday at the Elite Restaurant. Shows are open to the public. Doors at 11 a.m. and shows a 1 p.m. The finals take place May 13 at the Orchard House. Cash prizes for the top three winners in each age group.

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